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Boys Podcast

Exploring the Trials of Growing Up Before the Internet


080 – Last Minute Goggles

On our 80th episode, we talk poolside drinking, that Christmas feelin’, adequate parenthood, and much more! // // @boyspodcast on IG //

079 – Breakin’ the Tubes (w/Harold Storey of Tunes/Toons Podcast)

On our 79th episode, we sit down with Harold Storey, host of Tunes/Toons podcast, to talk shoddy childhood craftsmanship, Home Alone, Grandmannaise, and much more! // // @boyspodcast on IG // Big thanks to: Anthem Brewing • OKC Comedy •

078 – Feelin’ the Nip

On our 78th episode, we talk childhood tricks and treats, cemetery manners, and much more! // // @boyspodcast on IG //

077 – Plugged

On our 77th episode, we talk Boys Costumes, starting anew, taking a trip to the country, and much more! // // @boyspodcast on IG //

076 – Huckwheat (of Sativa Prophets)

On our 76th episode, we are joined by Huckwheat, a hip hop and visual artist and part of the local collective Sativa Prophets. We talk neighborhood domestic disputes, mixtapes, and much more!

Be sure to catch the Sativa Prophets at their record release party, live at the 51st Street Speakeasy this Friday, October 20th at 10pm! // // @boyspodcast on IG //

075 – Dosed

On our 75th episode, we talk Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Magic Cakes, stayin’ home, and much more! // // @boyspodcast on IG //

074 – Workingman’s Soda

On our 74th episode, we talk The Great State Fair, Larry David moments, mechanical pencil feelings, and much more! // // @boyspodcast on IG //

073 – Unexpected Joy

On our 73rd episode, we talk Josh’s trip to Riot Fest in Chicago, existential moments, dope apartments, and much more! // // @boyspodcast on IG //

Big thanks to: Anthem Brewing • OKC Comedy •

072 – Planet Dad

On our 72nd episode, we talk demoted shoes, beautiful afternoons, and take an interstellar trip to Planet Dad. We also read some listener email. // // @boyspodcast on IG //

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