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Boys Podcast

Exploring the Trials of Growing Up Before the Internet



127 – Contemporary Black Widow

On our 127th episode, Dylan returns from tour and we pick up right where we left off. We talk creepy camping, getting away with murder, urban legends, and much more!

124 – Tub O’ Turtles w Stacy Dunn

On our 124th episode, we are joined by Stacy Dunn, board member for Super Bit Con, Admin of Oklahoma Retro Gamers Society, Curator of Oklahoma Artcade, and a whole lot more. We talk fitness (or lack of), our favorite childhood toys and games, retro gaming, and much more!

123 – Some Custard w Robby and Josh

On a lively 123rd episode, Robby and Josh talked about starting the perfect country cover band. We also thought about pie parties, talked a lot of grapes, and much more!

120 – Bankin’ Butts

On our 120th episode, we fight through a summer cold to bring you tales of wasted weekends, childhood bmx gangs, goth friends, and much more!

119 – Wreckless and 23 w Don Data (Bowlsey, No One Man)

On our 119th episode, we sit down with our new friend Don Data, drummer for Bowlsey and host of No One Man on The Spy. We talk end of life crimes, house parties gone wrong, The Kettle OKC, and much more on this week’s BOYS!

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