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112 – Facebook Funerals w/ Randy Heyer

On our 112th episode, we get a chance to bring back Randy Heyer. He’s a multi-instrumentalist songwriter from OKC and a dear friend of ours. We talk SQ788 ‘Emergency Rules’, ’the constant bummer’, buying CDs at Hastings, posed funerals, and much more!

111 – The Toasted Worm

On our 111th episode, we talk firework mishaps, when a nod will do, the life of dogs, and much more!

109 – The Age of Schwag

On our 109th episode, we talk Sexy Bunnies, Kickbacks from the Devil, White Water Burns, SQ788, and much more!

108 – Boys Spaghetti

On our 108th episode, we talk verbiage tees, young jobs, sneak in some food talk and last week’s loss, and much more!

107 – Ringo Runoff

On our 107th episode, we talk Ambien rappers, the allure of cults, Dylan’s own ‘Gump’, and much more!

106 – Yesterday’s Cod

On our 106th episode, we talk small town livin’, ask ‘how many is too many?’, reflect on magic chicken, and much more!

105 – Bug Fighters

On our 105th episode, we’re just “leavin’ it in”. We talk dog attacks, bunny huntin’, Chocolate Water, and much more!

103 – Everyday Spells

On our 103rd episode, we talk about being “totally out”, the wet sock, the Name Game, and much more!

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