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Boys Podcast

Exploring the Trials of Growing Up Before the Internet


070 – Severance Bites

On our 70th episode, we look back at 90’s headphones, talk Halloween candy, the Hell House, and much more! // // @boyspodcast on IG //

069 – Got any Wizards?

On our 69th episode, we talk combo tanning / movie rental, ‘the toe’, and wizard colors. // // @boyspodcast on IG //

068 – Summer Pies

On our 68th episode, we talk truce burgers, talk about the eclipse with a dad, and ask “grass, gas, or ‘cast?”. // // @boyspodcast on IG //

067 – Back to School

On our 67th episode, we take a trip down our adolescent school supply aisle, talk landlines, and take a trip back to our secret movie theatre. // // @boyspodcast on IG //

066 – Havin’ a Baby

On our 66th episode, we revisit our favorite cartoon theme songs, talk Paul McCartney, and explore Robby’s day with a baby. // // @boyspodcast on IG //

065 – Daniel Gates (All Have Sinned)

On our 65th episode, we sit down with Daniel Gates, singer of All Have Sinned. We talk 80’s metal, ‘Breaking the Loop’, and much more!

Be sure to check out All Have Sinned at // // @boyspodcast on IG //

063 – Dirk Matthews (Don’t Make Ghosts)

On our 63rd episode, we sit down with Dirk Matthews, bassist of Don’t Make Ghosts. We talk Hilo controversy, early band names, and much more!

Be sure to check out Don’t Make Ghosts at // // @boyspodcast on IG //

062 – Cold Coffee with Robby and Josh

On our 62nd episode, we talk shoe malfunctions, Robby’s pervy grandpa, being ‘adequately ripped’, and much more! // // @boyspodcast on IG //

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