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116 – Exudes Beef w Tommy McKenzie

On our 116th episode, we welcome back our friend Tommy McKenzie to talk the Zoo Ampitheatre, Zoot Suits (and other fashion faux pas), school photo day, and much more. We also welcome a 2nd special guests, tune in to see who it is!

115 – Dream Magic w Robby & Josh

On our 115th episode, we throw it back with a classic ‘Cold Coffee’ style episode with Robby and Josh. We talk insane dreams, dickhead dads, ‘The Ultimate Challenge’,  and much more!

114 – Sandwich Pros w/James Nghiem

On our 114th episode, we welcome back comedian and drummer James Nghiem. We talk wingless birds, spiritual tees, best band vs. worst band scenarios, and much more!

113 – Urban Dork w/Jake Stinson (Giant Stride)

On our 113th episode, we sit down with Jake Stinson from the band Giant Stride. We talk about our favorite concert experiences, passive-aggressive WiFi names, a tender midnight rendezvous, and much more!

112 – Facebook Funerals w/ Randy Heyer

On our 112th episode, we get a chance to bring back Randy Heyer. He’s a multi-instrumentalist songwriter from OKC and a dear friend of ours. We talk SQ788 ‘Emergency Rules’, ’the constant bummer’, buying CDs at Hastings, posed funerals, and much more!

111 – The Toasted Worm

On our 111th episode, we talk firework mishaps, when a nod will do, the life of dogs, and much more!

109 – The Age of Schwag

On our 109th episode, we talk Sexy Bunnies, Kickbacks from the Devil, White Water Burns, SQ788, and much more!

108 – Boys Spaghetti

On our 108th episode, we talk verbiage tees, young jobs, sneak in some food talk and last week’s loss, and much more!

107 – Ringo Runoff

On our 107th episode, we talk Ambien rappers, the allure of cults, Dylan’s own ‘Gump’, and much more!

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